We offer programs that help teams to focus on the cooperation in the team. This could be your annual teambuilding event to keep the cooperation up to speed or a long term team coaching program or a culture change to get the cooperation to a higher level. Our programs are always tailor made to offer your team what it needs at that moment.

Team Coaching

Every team needs to focus on the cooperation every now and then. And often an outside perspective helps in doing so. We can be that outsider that brings a different perspective, that asks the challenging questions and that creates opportunties for people to get in closer contact with each other. Build trust, focus on goals, give feedback and achieve big things!


The best way to really improve as a team is to go on an adventure together. Adventure can be interpretated in many different ways. Changing the company goals, moving to a new office, a new coworker or going on an expedition could all be big adventures for you and your team. However the expedition is something we can organise for you, with the other ones we can help you by coaching the team. An expedition does not have to be far away in the mountains or a dessert. Adventure is waiting just around the corner of your office. We can help you to find it and adjust the experience to your teams needs. Ready to go? 

Scale of Cooperation


Together with Team4teams we've developed the Scale of Cooperation. This is a theory, method and a roadmap about cooperation in groups. With the scale we can make a scan of your team, we use it in all our team coaching programs and we can give you advice on how to improve the cooperation in your team or organistion.