Out of Comfort is the company of Floor Vullings from the Netherlands. I am a facilitator, trainer, (team)coach and adventure designer. In my work I want to help teams to invest in their cooperation. Building stronger connections between people, creating safety and trust within the team, clarifying team goals, having fun with each other and becoming a high-performing team.

Experiential learning is the core method in my programs because I believe that cooperation is about (team)behaviour and that is not something you can learn from a book or a powerpoint. It is about doing things together, reflecting on shared experiences and learning from all of that. Whenever the weather, the venue and the situtation allows it, I like to do as much of the program outdoors as possible. 

Team coaching

Training, facilitating and coaching for teams. On topics like cooperation, communication and leadership.



Tailor made team expeditions to improve the connection and cooperation in your team. Is your team ready for an adventure?

Scale of Cooperation

Our way of looking at cooperation in teams. Read more about how we can help your team.


Out of Comfort
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